Today I'll be talking about an important part of all combustion, oxygen. I decided to condense some oxygen and see what I could burn. To condense the oxygen I put a glass tube in some liquid nitrogen and started blowing oxygen into the tube. The boiling point of nitrogen is 77.36 K while the boiling point of oxygen is 90.2 K so the oxygen readily condenses in the glass. I then poured the lovely blue liquid oxygen onto some cotton and set it on fire. What you see below is what followed. Notice that there is no black charred cotton at the end.

Cotton is primarily cellulose so the chemical reaction for what is happening is:

(C6H10O5)n + n (6O2) --> n(6CO2 + 5H2O)

There is no leftover charred cotton because I had an excess of O2 the reaction went to completion turning all of the cotton into CO2.

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