Well Loved Books

I love it when I get a chemistry book or a cookbook out of the library and it has spots on the page or there are pieces of pages missing.  It is at that point that I know someone has used and loved the book.  Here are three recent examples.

This is one of the pages I printed from a digital book I have.  It is all about sulfur and I have more pictures at a future date of all the fun things I did with it.

This comes from a book entitled "Things A Boy Can Do With Chemistry"  This page is talking about silicate gardens.  I'm guessing that the yellow blotch is iron silicate.

This is from an old chemistry set that my dad had.  



Our university has a Phenom scanning electron microscope.  I was recently trained on how to use it and so I took some time after being trained to play around and learn more about the instrument.  Below are some of the pictures that I took.  See if you can guess at what they are before reading the labels.

It is a booger.

These are diatoms on the shell of a crab's claw.

This is earwax.

These three are a piece of woven cotton fabric.

These are of one of my fingernail clippings.

A Kim-wipe and a piece of notebook paper.

Gold wire contacting microelectronic pad.
The leg of a pillbug.

A pin head.

This is some of my blood.  I poked myself with the pin from the previous pictures and looked at it.  I think the regular cracking circles might be red blood cells.

Cotton from a Q-tip.

Some broken wood from the shaft of the Q-tip.

If there is anything that you would like to see under the SEM let me know and I'll see what I can do.