Ngram Chemistry

I was playing around with one of Google's toys and my thoughts turned to chemistry.  I then thought that I'd look to see how each group broke down.  I started with group 1

You can see hydrogen starting in the 1790 after Cavendish realized it was an element.  From this graph we would assume that sodium and potassium were discovered around 1810 and sure enough Davy isolated both of them in 1807.

Group 2

Radium is the interesting one here where we can clearly see its discovery in 1898.

Group 3-Group 12

What I'd like to know is what happened to silver between 1790 and 1810.

Group 13

Look at 1890. The Hall-Héroult process was put into use in about 1890.
Group 14

 Group 17

Rare Earths


I then took the most used element of each group and pitted them against each other as a battle royal of the elements.

Not surprisingly gold, lead, and iron are the top three with first prise going to iron.

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Karen Ahlstrom said...

what I'd like to know is why they all seem in decline after 1980. is it that chemestry discussion is moving online?