Happy Birthday Robert Boyle

Known for Boyle's Law which says for a fixed mass of ideal gas at fixed temperature, the product of pressure and volume is a constant.


Test Tube Science: Window Garden

   -One test tube for each seed
   -Seeds (try peas, beans, or carrots)
   -Potting soil.

This is fun because you can see the seed growing “underground.”

Fill test tubes with potting soil and plant seeds.  Place in a sunny window.  Water carefully.  Because the “pots” are so small, transplant soon or simply start again when plants get too big for the test tubes.


Test Tube Science: Mouse Paint

   -Five test tubes
   -Food coloring
   -One pipette

We got this idea from the book called Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. My son had a test tube rack with all the primary and secondary colors on it and would talk about them and to them almost everyday between the age of 18-36 months.  He learned his colors really well and has been able to tell what will happen if you mix different colors because he practiced so many times

 Fill four test tubes with water.  Into each, put one drop of food coloring (use red, yellow, and blue).  Stir carefully by tapping your finger on the test tube.  Pour half of one color into one of the empty test tubes.  Pour half of another color in on top of it.  Stir carefully.

What makes purple?  _________________+____________________

What makes green?
 _________________ +____________________

What makes orange?